What should I bring?

Indoor training or running shoes. A water bottle. A positive attitude.

What should I wear?

Breathable, comfortable workout attire. A change of shirt for after class. Dudes — tarps on.

Do I bring my own gloves?

Since the global health pandemic Covid 19 we require all who participate in class to have their own gloves. For this reason, we have reasonably priced gloves for $40 should you need to purchase them from us.

We also have handwraps for sale for $15 CAD at the studio. You’re not required to wear handwraps but, we strongly recommend it to protect your wrists and knuckles. If this is your first visit, please make sure to watch this video on how to wrap your hands.

I’m a beginner — can I still come?

Our classes are non-contact and designed for all skill levels. Currently, we are only offering our 8 Count class so that we can maintain proper social distancing. This class is fitness-focused and all the punches will be demonstrated during class.

Any tips for how much to eat or hydrate before a class?

Hydrate before class as the workout is super sweaty. Depending on your fitness level, don’t change anything about what you normally do before a fitness class. If you’re not a regular exerciser, don’t eat a full meal less than 2 hours before class.

Do I need my own towels?

We offer towel service — both hand towel and bath towel.

Do you have a shower?

Currently, we are not offering our showers to clients post workout in response to Covid-19.

I’m nervous to try boxing. What can I expect from your classes?

All of our classes are non-contact but we focus on authentic boxing techniques, so you can expect a really great workout and learn something about boxing as well.

All-City classes are more of a cardio-based workout than strength and conditioning.

Where can I find you?

We are located in the back alley between Abbott and Cambie and running parallel with 130 West Hastings. Halfway down the alley you will see a boxing sign. Buzz yourself in and we will be happy to greet you. If this is your first visit, please come fifteen minutes early to find the place, get situated, and get your hands wrapped.

Where can I park?

There is two hours free parking at Tinsletown Mall, otherwise there’s paid street parking in the area and a parking lot a block away on Pender and Cambie.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes we offer a wide variety of both boxing privates and strength and conditioning personal training. Please email us at details@allcityathletics.ca for rates and availabity, or check this page (https://allcityathletics.ca/contact/).

What are your official Covid 19 updated policies and procedures?

In Studio Staff & Member Personal Responsibility

  • All staff members will be pre-screened for health assessment & temperature checks. Anyone exhibiting a temperature above normal will not be permitted to work in the studio.
  • All staff will be asked to wear gloves & a mask while they clean the studio.
  • If anyone exhibits symptoms in the studio, for the safety of the community we will respectably ask you to leave.
  • Stick to toe taps & mental high fives! We ask that everyone limit their contact while in the studio.
  • If you have recently traveled please do not return to the studio until the government has deemed it safe to.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID or come in contact with someone who has we ask that you refrain from coming in for 14 days.
  • Practice personal responsibility and attend All City at your own risk. If you are in a high risk category or take care of someone who is, we understand that returning to All City may not be the right decision for you. By choosing to attend a class at All City, even with the increased safety measures, you acknowledge and accept the additional risks associated with the global health pandemic Covid-19.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

  • Top grade disinfectant & more frequent cleaning. Staff to use hospital-grade cleaning solutions that are proven to kill viruses. After each class the studio will be disinfected as well as points of contact (door handles, bathroom taps) frequently during the day.
  • All heavy bags and surrounding floor space will be disinfected after each class. As an additional precaution, we will provide unlimited disinfectant wipes for clients to wipe down their bag/slam ball after use.
  • All staff will be required to wear gloves & face masks while cleaning the studio.
  • Modified schedule. We have extended the time periods between classes to allow for thorough cleaning.

Clients Checking In

  • Guided floor plan. Please follow the guided markers to ensure 6 feet of physical distance when checking into the studio. Once you have checked in we ask that you head directly into the workout room and select your bag.
  • Book online. At this time we will not be taking walk ins.
  • No lockers – for the time being, we will not permit the use of lockers.
  • Our changeroom will be modified to 4 people max at a time. Please come prepared in your workout clothes and only use the change room if absolutely necessary. Options to bring your bag into class in your designated area OR hang it in the locker room.
  • Hand Sanitizer – please enjoy as much as you like! Clients will be encouraged to apply it upon entering the studio and staff will be required to frequently wash their hands.
  • Arrive on time, but not too early. For smaller classes, our instructors will likely be managing check-in. Please show up no earlier than 10 mins before class.
  • All classes will be bagwork, no padwork or contact. All classes will be half the size and each client will get their own bag and a 9 foto square to workout in

While In Class

  • Each heavybag is spaced out 9 feet between each other. When punching the bag please keep your movement to the X marked by the bag. When doing bodyweight exercises directed by your instructor please move to the larger X marked on the other side of your bag. This will ensure clients maintain proper social distance for the duration of the class.
  • No hands-on adjustments will be made by the instructor.
  • Please wipe down your bag with disposable wipes after your session.