Rob joins All-City with an extensive boxing history and impressive record. With over 120 fights he is a 4x Canadian National Champion, 2x National Bronze and 4x Golden Gloves Champ. He is currently on Team Canada and has represented in Lithuania, Dominican Republic, Poland, and Puerto Rico. Even with all the achievements and accolades Rob is a humble and lovely human who we are honoured to have on our roster. Rob started  boxing when he was 12 when his father asked him to take up a sport. His early obsession with boxing was due to seeing quick progression in skills and loving the push that boxing provides to your physical and mental limits. Its a love/hate thing that would teach a lot of life lessons. Outside of boxing, Rob is proud to be a youth worker. He describes himself as a jack-of-all-trades and a master of some. Fashion is another passion for Rob. Thrifting, styling, up-cycling, and sewing satisfy the creator in him. He loves his family and friends, loves to travel, explore, and live the vegan life. Like any athlete who competes in weight classes, Rob loves to eat. You don’t want beef with Rob and he wont eat it anyways.

Who is your favorite actor? 
It seems to always change but, Denzel Washington is up there. Obvs