Breezy | Boxing Instructor

Mark Calabrese “Breezy” has been boxing for over ten years. He started off with a year of training in his homeland of Australia, and then moved to Bali, Indonesia where he trained for 5 years at Mirah International Boxing club, exposing him to different styles of boxing from around the world. After competing in a couple of exhibition bouts, Mark found his true passion was in coaching. Since then, he has put his wide range of experiences into his group classes at All-City. If Breezy isn’t busy working his 9 – 5 job on the tugboats, you can find him interviewing local entrepreneurs and athletes on his @outherelivin_ podcast with Jordan, and staying disciplined with strength and conditioning training. Mark is always looking for his next challenge, whether it’s running marathons, competing in triathlons, or travelling the world surfing.

Who would play you in a movie? Young Al Pacino.

What is your favourite pastime outside of the gym? Surfing with mates, having a good old chin wag with a couple of coldies, and wining and dining the wife.

“F*cking Oath Mate” – BREEZY