If there’s anything we know it’s that Gabby is all about feeling and movement – especially feeling through movement. She started boxing three years ago after starting out as a client at All-City Athletics. Truth be told, the rest is history. She never experienced anything like it – “boxing is the greatest release while maintaining full control”.


With a background in Kinesiology, mindfulness training, and fight training, you’re guaranteed to walk out of her classes with some new technique up your sleeve and one of the hardest and most rewarding sweats of your week. “All-City is home – and every single person that walks through our door feels like family”.


One of Gabby’s greatest achievements was launching her own business, Fuelled by Feeling, which officially came to life in 2019. When she’s not in studio, brewery or cafe hoping is a non-negotiable. Vince Vaughan and Joe Santagato are her muses and her vice is FATSO peanut butter.


“Choosing how you show up in the world is the most valuable choice you can make – and you GET to choose every damn morning”

“I’m not living the dream, I’m living my dream” – Gabs