JY | Lead Boxing Instructor

JY has dedicated himself to the sweet science of boxing. His 9-5 Wealth Management job keeps him busy during the day but by night he trades his tie for hand wraps and a mouth piece. His amateur career has seen him as a main event fighter and he has won a few titles along the way. JY has held titles both Regionally and  Provincially in Super Middleweight and as a Light Heavyweight. As well as being awarded the Golden Boy award in the Golden Gloves tournament one of his proudest accomplishments is the number of tacos he can crush post fight. Having dominated the super middleweight division in BC, JY has set his eyes on the pros. He is an exciting fighter and fan favorite. JY won his pro debut and already has more fights lined up. This Big Cat is one to watch!

Who would play you in a movie? 
Will Smith. Do I really need to explain why? He’s the Fresh Prince!

What is your favourite pastime outside of the gym? 
Competing for my parents love against my dog Jindo… I am currently losing this battle. Also asking Jordan to have cold ones with me 😉

Boxing is for: getting in shape, gaining confidence, and most importantly, getting more likes on Instagram. – JY