Growing up in the small beach town of Aotearoa, New Zealand, Renée was always a fighter at heart. She has always held the attitude that there was nothing she couldn’t achieve. She is always on the front line of the action, whether its running a marathon, sweating at the gym, riding or getting in hard rounds of conditioning she is always down to give it her all. In her first year of boxing she fought for the Super Bantam Weight title in Aprons For Gloves and won. She comes to her whanau (family) at All-City with experience as a fitness instructor in Vancouver’s boutique fitness scene. Happy to call All-City Athletics home and teach and train the true fundamentals of the sport. Her day job keeps her busy bossing it up as a project manager with a Mechanical Engineering degree, she keeps that attitude with her time on the heavy bags and in the gym.


Boxing for Renée has been the quiet in all the chaos, a time and place where she can be completely present as the outside world falls away to silence. In the gym or the ring its just her, her coach, that bag or that opponent. Nothing else matters.


Fiercely loyal, this straight shooter would remind those who would test, “dont fvck with me and we’ll be just fine.”