Zara is an All-City Original. She found boxing through social media when Anna and Jordan were running workouts in the park back in 2014. She fell in love with the sport and has been boxing ever since. Zara’s boxing style is to stay at distance and stay deadly. With the long reach to teach and the awkward southpaw style Zara is a menace to any gals in her weight class. It’s a humble brag at worst, and she wouldn’t tell you, but she has stayed undefeated while boxing to raise fund for youth in sport through Aprons for Gloves and Beer Wars. Her competitive edge was sharpened during her 5 years the basketball courts at UBC while attaining her bachelor of kinesiology. Brainy and dangerous. She represented Canada at the U19 Worlds and FISU Games multiple summers and capped of her basketball career with a professional season in Spain. You can find Zara at All-City running ACA Classics. If she isn’t at the studio, she’ll be completing her industrial design degree at Emily Carr or planning her next camping and surf trip.

Who would play you in a movie? 
Sloth from Goonies.